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    With 73% of college graduates not finding work in their field and local businesses are desperately in need of new talent, the Secretary of State wants to find a way better connect higher-ed resources (students) and Colorado businesses.



    Through subject matter interviews, research and personal experience, our team focused in on mentorship as the method of bringing these two groups together. Mentors (and their employers) would have an opportunity to talk to students prior to graduation. Students can start building their network and confidence before their first interview.


    [experiment design] [product roadmap] [interaction design]

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  • References

    Travis Stiles

    Director User Experience at Return Path

    Kelley pursues and achieves excellence in everything she does. She is a smart thoughtful, and personable developer, designer. and user experience architect. Utilizing her broad skills in each area she creates organized, well documented materials and tools for her team and clients.

    In every interaction Kelley looks to understand the problem and to provide solutions that balance the project goals, the user goals, and ultimately the bottom line. Kelley is a true team member supporting others, and looking to encourage and promote clear communication in every way.

    There is no doubt that the work that I do is improved through her influence and I am thankful to work with her in any context. I highly recommend her in every way.

    Corey Inouye

    Vice President, Digital at Digital Fusion

    Kelley brings a variety of talents to any project where she’s a contributor. While working at Xylem Digital, Kelley continuously demonstrated a thorough, intelligent approach to her work. In her role as a User Experience Architect, she would always be proactive in understanding and documenting client requirements. She would regularly go “above and beyond” to research solutions to ensure the very best end result for our clients.

    During her time at Xylem, Kelley operated in a number of different roles but approached each with a great attitude and amazing work ethic. It was not uncommon for her to put in many late nights with the goal of making the company and her clients successful.

    I am confident that Kelley will be successful in any endeavor she pursues and would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking a smart, hard working UX expert with a high level of integrity.

    Corey Inouye
    COO, Xylem Digital

    JP Stonestreet

    Founder @ OnlineStir 

    Kelley contacted SCORE for business advice and I was assigned to her case. We've met on several occasions to discuss her business ideas and career direction. She has a great willingness to learn new things and apply them in her profession. I've been extremely impressed with her energy level, drive and intelligence. She would be a great resource for anyone in need of her skill set.

    Jessica Caldwell

    Apparel Designer at Machine Apparel

    Kelley is the epitome of positive and proactive thinking. She consistently went above and beyond to research, test and develop clean and functional user experiences for our client websites. Not only is she a joy to work with, but Kelley’s integrity is second to none. I highly recommend her and would jump at the chance to work with her again.

    Ramsay Devereux

    User Experience Intern at Return Path

    Kelley is a bright light. I have had the pleasure of not only working with her as a mentee under her tutelage at Return Path but also as a community leader and organizer through the Denver's UX Book Club.


    Not only does she provide a high level of professionalism and insight into both the design and practice of providing efficient, elegant, and well crafted UX/UI work, she has exceptional people skills that lends itself to exemplary team and client communication and facilitation.


    Kelley displays a passion for learning, design, and leadership that is not found in many and would be a boon to any company or organization. I feel lucky to have received such great mentorship and look forward to using the many skills she has demonstrated and imparted in my own career.

    Sara Kingsley

    Product Marketing Manager at Return Path

    I worked with Kelley on many different projects as a collaborative team between Product, UX and Marketing.


    Kelley is a creative and inventive designer who cares about the customer and wants to make their interactions fun and engaging.


    She is a hard worker who stays professional under stress and who goes above and beyond. Would love to work with Kelley again.

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